Designed for companies that provide maintenance
and replenishment

Keeprop is a fully hosted, hassle free online software app that helps automation of service requesting and delivering in real-time.

Make the ordering easy and convenient.

Make the ordering easiest in the world and let the user do it more often: web, QR-code, mobile app, text message. Offer and deliver more services and earn more!

Automate the dispatching and speed up the service.

Faster service means happy customer and more consumption. Handle the requests and dispatch the work orders in real-time in an automated way, without a dispatcher.

Measure, improve, save and grow!

Get insight into the user satisfaction and the delivery process. Get the key metrics, optimize the workforce and grow the business. Send the promotions.

Automate and speed up the service, manage the user satisfaction.

With Keeprop we fully automated field services for clients that use our laboratory equipment.

Overall service dispatching is much faster and we succeeded to fully comply with the service level agreements even for distant laboratories.

Boris, CEO


Automated job dispatching

If the part of the business is to make a lot of users happy or to fix a lot of assets in order to keep them up-and-running, then the automation of job dispatching and the performance tracking is th...


User satisfaction management

While serving a lot of users or assets, it is hard to track the user satisfaction and to find weak points in the process before it escalates into the problem. Keeprop offers a set of tools and repo...


Service requesting

Make the ordering easiest in the world and let the user do it more often. Offer and deliver more services and earn more! Keeprop supports a number of different channels for service requesting in o...



Keeprop offers the simple interface for creating and distribution of targeted offers. You can compose the offer by adding text, picture, and an URL, and further send it to the group of users. Using a dedicated report you will have a full list of those that are interested in the offer.


In order to help the business owner or manager to grow the business, Keeprop offers dedicated reports that will help you to get a full insight into the operations, performance and the quality.


Keeprop is a communication platform, a service that helps a manager to organize the process and to keep all the involved parties up-to-date with the progress of each task.

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