About us

Over the span of many years during which we have worked on the designing and implementation of different asset management, facility and property management software solutions, we have realized that there is a great need for a simple and affordable automated maintenance management software.
There are many people in different industries who are interested in the possibility of predefining the connections between the assets or users and service providers and in keeping an eye on the process. It must be implemented in a way that an average user can adopt it and start using it immediately without undergoing a long-lasting implementation and training process.
Keeprop is an effort to make automated management possible. We are trying to make the asset management software affordable to everyone without the need for any infrastructure. We don’t need to sacrifice support for new technologies to meet these goals. This is the reason why we will keep on working to make Keeprop a cutting-edge solution.

Keeprop Software Inc.
300-128 W Hastings,
Vancouver, BC V6B 1G8