Bosko Milosavljevic

Bosko Milosavljevic

Can we optimize the scheduled visits and earn more?

Replenishment of a machine (vending, coffee, water) is in the most cases organized as a scheduled visits of the technicians, once or twice per week. How do you optimize the number of visits, since each one costs your organization?

Two primary drivers should be considered: machine should not be left without beverages or coffee since then you don’t earn money; the average cost of each visit is $10 (with included car rent, payroll, and other dependent expenses). So, from the point of expenditures the visits should be as rare as possible, and from the point of replenishment, the machine should always be full.

If you visit each machine once per week and can avoid just 10% of unnecessary visits, this would result in the total annual saving of $50 per asset (10% of 50 visits per year, each one costs $10)! Multiply this by the number of asses you have! Tremendous isn’t it?! I assume it is thousands of dollars.

On the other hand, calculate the days your machine is left without the beverages, and you lose about $10 per day. Multiply it by the number of days in the year and with the number of assets you have. Tremendous again, isn’t it?! Again thousands of dollars.

So, the optimization of the visits is the critical point in this business and the thing you should care much about.

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