Bosko Milosavljevic

Bosko Milosavljevic

Manager, when your machine was replenished?

Do you know when your machine was replenished?
You should since it has a significant impact on the profitability of your business!

One of our prospects with 1500 coffee machines explained the problem of visibility of staff in the field with the following story: “I am not always 100% sure when the machine was replenished. Our machines are distributed on big gas stations, and as soon as the machine is running out of coffee, staff calls us. Then, we call the technician that covers that area to replenish it. There are many situations in which later in the evening somebody else from the same station calls us and complains that coffee machine was out of order for few hours.”

The business owner then sincerely admitted: “I knew for sure that some of the machines were out of order for 2-3 days per month, which heavily affected the profitability of my business. That makes almost 10% of the turnover.”

With Keeprop we help the business owners to make a workforce in the field entirely visible through the automated dispatching and location sharing.

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