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In today’s rushed world, everybody wants fast and efficient responses to their demands. Keeprop, with its automation of the service cycle, helps you speed up your responsiveness, improves work processes, and increases user satisfaction. More happy customers, more business, more profit!

Service requesting

Makes service requesting the easiest thing for your customers

Receiving emails and phone calls from your customers who wish to make an order or report a problem can be stressful and result in you making many mistakes and leaving your customers feeling dissatisfied with the unsolved problem.
Keeprop offers a simple way of creating a service request via different channels—web form, mobile app, QR-code scanning, and IoT. In this way, you can manage the kind of request that can be made for each type of asset. As soon as the user selects the asset for which he wishes to create a request, all the requests types that are available for that asset will be presented to him. Furthermore, the user will be informed about any changes in the status of his request, keeping him in the loop all the time.
Service requests can be enriched with attachments, such as photo images or checklists, helping technicians to prepare for the service faster.
This, in turn, will make the service ordering centralized and easy to manage. Your users will appreciate the fast response, and you will be able to gauge their satisfaction. Your employees will be able to efficiently handle the requests, no matter how huge the amount of received request or the time of the day. As the ordering is fast and convenient, your company will gain more contracts and easily keep the existing ones.

Automated job dispatching

Powerful automation for service providing companies

Keeprop’s robust automation of job dispatching ensures that tasks are delegated to the right technicians at the right time. When a request is made by the user or device, the system automatically creates a work order and dispatches it to the technician that is in charge.

Once you create automation rules and store them in Keeprop, upon each request that is made, Keeprop will delegate the work order to the assigned person, team, or company. The assignee has a limited, predefined time to accept the work order, come to the site, check in, perform the job, and close the work order. In case something does not go as expected, the manager will be notified.

No more micro-management. Store the service-level agreements and track the performance of different request types, territories, technicians, or teams. Focus on your business development and eliminate the costs of costly manual dispatching.

User satisfaction management

React before it’s too late

Keeping your customers satisfied entails building their loyalty and ensuring that they’ll stay with you in the time to come. This is why it is of great importance to react on time if you notice a decline in their satisfaction. Keeprop offers a set of tools and reports that provide aid in this effort.
After a service is delivered, the user will be asked to rate it and leave a short comment. Consequently, an appropriate report will be generated that will help the manager analyze feedback and find the weak points in the organization such as a problematic technician, a dissatisfied customer, an area where the service delivery is hard, etc. The user satisfaction report will also give you an excellent visual presentation of the rated services as well as more a detailed analysis of each work order that is rated.

Asset register

Keep your assets up and running

Ignorance with respect to how many times an asset has broken down or how many times it has been replenished in the past three months can make a vast difference in your revenue/cost ratio. Also, being unaware of where your assets are located can result in a great loss.
Keeprop allows you to track all these information in the unique asset register. The record of each asset contains the general info, notes, notifications, QR code for easy access, attachments, and geolocation. You can also create special fields on the assets, which will enable you to track historical changes in an asset’s parameters.
Standardize the asset types, request types, and maintain the accuracy of the service records. The asset register is the foundation of any successful service business.

Work Orders

Get the job done easily and in a timely manner

A job is delegated using the work orders that can be created either manually or automatically based on the service request. You can track the realization of work, which can contain detail descriptions, checklists, or attachments that are taken from requests or assets themselves. The process of creating work orders is fast and straightforward as all the necessary information can be obtained from the requests.
Work orders are dispatched to the mobile phone app of each technician. They are notified as soon as the new job is assigned and have an option to confirm it. After the job has been performed, they can leave a comment, declare the amount of delivered goods and services, and finalize it. Each step is carefully tracked by the system to ensure the timely delivery of services. Furthermore, if you wish to be sure that the technician was really present at the assigned location, you can request check-in upon his arrival and Keeprop will store it with the timestamp on the work order. In this way, you can have a full record related to the actual engagement of resources and the time of their real presence on the site.
With Keeprop work orders, you will end unnecessary paperwork, easily track performance, and react in real time if something does not go as planned. This will save you time and money and give you a complete insight into the business through many reports that would be made available.


Easily designed and versatilely used

Checklists can have multiple functions—they can be used to standardize procedures, make orders, conduct surveys, and much more. They are an inevitable part of regular maintenance and guide the technicians on how to perform the check.
Keeprop offers an easy-to-use set of features for creating checklist templates. When the template is created, you can assign it to the team or technicians for execution or link it to a request type, allowing the users to fill it out when making a request. Each checklist can comprise any number of different text fields, number fields, multi-select boxes, and even attachments.
Checklists are powerful tools that can reduce errors when users make requests and technicians conduct controls. Their analysis is supported by several reports that give you a complete overview of the checklists’ results.

Inventory management

Monitor your deliverables and include them in your business analysis

No matter whether you are in the delivery business or provide certain services, you can keep track of your deliveries and get a full report on them using our Stock feature. You can have numerous stocks that contain as many items as you wish. Deliverables are tracked through work orders in which technicians enter delivered amounts. Based on these numbers, you can track how many items were delivered to which location and to which client, analyze them, and optimize the process or export for invoicing.
An overview of this data gives you a great insight into how to optimize your delivery/service providing, who are your top customers, and which products or services are your bestsellers. All this can result in tremendous savings and give you room for boosting sales.


Be up-to-date all the time

Stay informed about all the new events and the progress of all the tasks on your account. Keeprop offers a flexible notification system that allows you to set the rules for who receives what information in the form that is most suitable to them (emails or push messages sent to mobile devices).
Technicians in the field will receive notification when a new job needs to be accepted or when the execution time approaches and the task hasn’t been done yet. Notifications can also be sent as a reminder to your customers to rate your service and to inform them about the upcoming promotions.
Keeprop’s notification system helps you prevent certain tasks from not being completed on time or requests being passed unnoticed. It urges the entire organization to follow the process through the advanced notification system.


Reach out to your clients via different channels

Do you have to offer a great new product or service and you want to inform your clients about it? No problem. Keeprop offers a simple interface for creating and sending promotion campaigns. You can design your campaign by adding text, pictures, and URL and then sending it to the selected group of users. The campaign will be sent to their email addresses, and it will be visible on their mobile apps.
You will be able to monitor the performance of the campaigns that you have sent along with the in-depth reports. The sales will provide a clear insight into the interested clients along with their contact details. In this way, you will get a clearer picture of when is the best time to send a campaign, how often it should be sent, and similar information that will help you sell more.

Mobile App

Get access to your account whenever you want

Today, most of the work is done on the move using mobile devices in real time. Keeprop has got this covered. Download our free mobile application (currently, Android is supported, iOS is upcoming), log in to your account, and get complete access to all your data—anywhere, anytime.
Based on the users’ profiles, each user will have an app interface that will suit their needs. The asset users will be able to create requests, get notified of new offers, and rate and give valuable feedback about the quality of the job done. The technicians’ interface keeps them focused on the work and notifies them of the upcoming events. Managers have a complete overview of all the activities and processes, allowing them to react when necessary.
The user-friendly mobile app, branded with your logo, will speed up the way in which you do your business, give you a current, real-time overview of situations, and will simplify your internal and external communication. It will help your staff to be more efficient and fully responsive.

QR Code labeling

Generate codes and label the assets

Each asset that is entered in Keeprop is automatically linked to a unique QR code. These codes can be printed as stickers and placed on the asset. Just by scanning the QR code, with or without login, the asset users can request a service simply and conveniently. The service technicians can scan the QR code and obtain the details about the asset, its service history, and open the work orders that are assigned to them.
Marking assets with QR codes will enable users to report problems and request services quickly. The technicians can easily identify the assets and log in their maintenance work. The use of QR codes allows secure communication both with the end users and the technicians.

GEO location

Track the location of assets and technicians

Keeprop provides support for geolocation both for the tracking of assets and technicians in the field. It provides a possibility to obtain full control over the process to facilitate proof that the service is realized on site and to enable the tracking of assets.

An asset is geolocated to ensure that the service team finds it efficiently and in a fast way. The work order can store multiple geolocations associated with the time to enable the maintenance of a full record of arriving and leaving the site during the service activities. The service request can incorporate geolocation to help the service team find and access the site faster.


Connect your assets and automate entire service cycle

Connected devices are here. Keeprop, as an automated service management platform, supports different ways to access and use the events that occur on the assets.
Keeprop provides the support for different aspects of IoT (Internet of Things) usage, which has become the worldwide standard for connecting devices. Contact us for more details.


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